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About Us

Who Are We?

The BufferZone is operated by a team of professionals who share a common interest in technology. We worked together as a coherent group, complementing and developing each others competencies which lead us to create The BufferZone: a platform to showcase projects we are passionate about.

What's Our Purpose?

Our purpose is to work on various programming projects and grow within the technology industry, with a focus on superior design.


Web Development

Our team focusses on programming for humans, not computers. With our combined experience in web design, The BufferZone is able to create products that are efficient, user friendly, and stable.

Graphic Design

Using our combined knowledge and creativity, we are able to create functional aesthetically pleasing products. From logos and icons to blackened interface, The BufferZone is able to transform ideas and vision into reality.

Media and Visual Communication

Stories like they have been never told before, our team is passionate about artistic representation.



A Lifestyle Blog

Tara Treats

A Bakery Project

Coming Soon!


Team Epic

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